About Us

Military veterans use art and conversation to share their stories, and perspective of combat and their transition home at Burning Man, a weeklong event in the Northern Nevada desert.

Camp Hellnback provides an opportunity to build a bridge between two groups that normally find themselves on opposite sides in protests, debate and social media.

By exposing the awareness and artistry of veterans to the community, built on acceptance and expression, participation can be cathartic for both veteran and visitor.


Veteran Art

The collection of art at Camp Hellnback is borrowed or donated from our own campers, as well as independent artists and art therapy programs at active military and veteran hospitals.

Some art conveys the thoughts, feelings and expression of our veterans while others are used to share the creative aspect of their lives.

Our displays will change annually, though some impactful pieces or artists will return.

We will show select provocative art depicting military or veteran life created by non-veteran artists.

Hellnback does not sell any art, but facilitates artist exposure for contact, sales and charities.

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Memorial Wall

Our Memorial Wall is a space where we leave the names of our own friends and family who served their country. Our visitors are welcome to write messages to their loved ones or those veterans they did not know but still appreciate.

At the end of the event, the wall will be disassembled and brought to the temple, where it will be burned as a symbolic way to say good bye or let go of the pain, hardship or burden that we carry for our lost comrades and family.

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    Bike Drop 2016

    An estimated 10,000 bikes were abandoned at Burning Man in 2014. Many were collected and adopted by Burning Man’s Yellow Bike Program and others by Non-Profits like Kiwanis. And others became trash.

    Camp Hellnback will have a drop off site to accept about 100 bikes to donate to veterans for transportation at college or for work. We will be dropping them off at local colleges and charities on our way returning from the playa, so we will not have time or space to make any repairs. For that reason, we can only take working bikes.

    If you are flying in to Reno, or otherwise cannot, or do not want to, pack out your bike, please consider bringing it to Camp Hellnback at the end of Burning Man on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.


    2016 Wish List

    Art (We’d like all art to be created by veterans, but will accept provocative art by others if it depicts military or veteran life)

    Boots (22 pairs of combat boots from all military services and eras will be used as part of the art installation representing the 22 daily veteran suicides)

    2nd Tent, military style or canvas tent 20x20 or larger to house additional art

    2nd Generator to power display and tent lights

    Shade structures, any size

    Materials for our memorial wall and art installation

    Shipping Container to show art and to store infrastructure

    6 (six) 8’x4’ sheathed plywood, at least ¾ inch thick to stand up desert winds and weather.

    14 (fourteen) 4”x4”x10

    8 (eight) earth anchors , 30” or greater

    Metal Fabrication

    Transportation for large installations and individual pieces from Reno to Black Rock City or Gerlach, NV

    Additional campers; peace time or combat veterans who have tickets to the event are welcome to join our camp. No camp dues, just bring generator fuel and willingness to participate.


    TICKETS! No harm in asking, we have campers and artists who were not able to get tickets in the individual sale. Happy to pay face value to get as many campers to the event.

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